Malt + Pepper was founded out of a love for fantastic beer and hearty plates of food, the desire to not be tied to a particular cuisine and a love of experimenting with flavour, new ingredients and to achieve beer and food matching on a whole new level. 

We started life as a pop up at The Bear in Camberwell and have been on a tour of London ever since. 

Founder, John Longland, has worked as a General Manager, Sales Manager and now Chef, all working within the 'craft beer' industry. 

We're, at time of writing, the only food company using spent grain to cook with. Spent Grain makes up a huge percentage of a breweries waste product, up to 85%, and traditionally has gone to farmers to feed live stock. We wanted to take this product and turn it into something delicious. 

Our longer term plans are to open a bakery with spent grain at the forefront of our production, but until then we'll be on the road around London honing our craft, feeding the locals and creating weird, wonderful and ultimately delicious dishes.