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We headed to Greenwich, and then didn't.

John LonglandComment
We headed to Greenwich, and then didn't.

EDIT: We actually bit off slightly more than we could chew with this adventure, and as such, we have taken the decision to back away from Greenwich. As a small food business (there's two of us working full time) with a small pool of amazing chefs that we can call on, upon occasion, it just doesn't make sense for us to try to focus on more than one project at a time. Hindsight is wonderful, wonderful thing and we're not too proud to say that yes, we got excited about a vision, but also, we got this one wrong at such an early stage of our existence as a company. Keep your eyes peeled, who knows, we may be back in the future. 

John, 14th December 2017.

After we got the news that The Bear was closing prematurely, we cast the net far and wide in search for the perfect space for us to do our thing, the way we wanted, without adapting ourselves to the confines of an existing business. That net landed in Greenwich, and threw up the Trafalgar Cafe. 

We love pubs, it's what we've all done for many a year, and we're delighted to have found All Inn One, Forest Hill to continue to cook up our beer inspired, booze infused pub classics with a twist, but there's a lot more we want to do with Malt + Pepper, and that's why we're pushing ourselves.

Following several chats with Nathan and Nessa, who have recently taken over the historic cafe, we're delighted to tell you we'll be in residence on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings from Thursday, 30th November (with the exception of two Saturdays, the 9th and 16th)

Our ever changing, seasonal menu will consist of small plates, and every dish will have beer at its very core, that's what we set out to do and that's our entire focus for the duration of our stay at The Trafalgar.  

We'll be open from 6pm til 10pm on Thursday & Friday and 5pm til 10pm on Saturday - it'll be, everyone's favourite, BYOB (but soft drinks and coffee will be available).

The Trafalgar is located at 98 Trafalgar Road, SE10 9UW. 

Bookings available for Tables of 6+ otherwise come on down and we'll have you seated and fed in no time. For any enquiries please contact 

FEAR NOT, we're still in residence at All Inn One, Forest Hill from Monday - Saturday until the end of 2017.