Beerstro for a bit, Malt + Pepper forever more. This is a gushy post about how much we've adored 2017 (in a business sense, the rest of the year in the world has been bloody wild, absolutely bloody WILD. IMPEACH HIM ALREADY! AN ELECTION? ON A WHIM? HOW'S BREXIT GOING, HUN?)

From Beerstro in Camberwell, to Malt + Pepper in, well, Camberwell, 2017 has been quite the year. We managed to launch as a pop up food business and were subsequently bowled over by copious amounts of positive feedback we received. The feedback that hasn’t been positive has made us much better at what we do, we want our food to stand up as really, bloody good food!
When I started 2017, selling beer for a London based wholesaler, I couldn’t have imagined that a concept I had been working on for many months was going to come to fruition, neither was I aware of the long and winding journey (without google maps, or any map, hell I didn’t even have a bloody compass) that was about to unfold in front of me. Days and weeks of planning went into the opening (read non opening) of Beerstro on Camberwell Church Street. The outcome of that, the renaming process and the absolute torture that came with that whole fiasco led me into a new job, that would, eventually lead to the opening of Malt + Pepper. You can recap on the early treachery in our blog.

Honestly, 6 months down the line, I feel like it’s all been worth that bump in the road early doors. We’ve ended up with much stronger branding that opens itself up to far more beer related, experimental cuisine than Beerstro ever could. We’re on tour of the capital, meeting new people all the time, receiving different feedback constantly, experimenting and reincarnating ourselves in each of our new homes. We're learning a whole bunch of new skills on a regular basis. I certainly didn’t think I’d be reribbing a bit of pig at any point in 2017 when I woke up on January 1st. 

We’ve learnt that our signature dishes are ones that would never have made the menu at Beerstro. We’ve had fun with food and undertaken some absolutely wild experimentation in the kitchen, some of which you'll never even know about. (Editors note: Mainly cause who wants chocolaty, bitter pigeon breast, really?)

Running a food business, in the current climate, is tough. We're under no illusions that we're on an easy road to world domination, we're going to have to be savvy, inventive, exploratory and bloody well damned dedicated to survive in this industry, but we've laid some foundations from which we aim (and hope and pray) to grow. 

At this point I want to extend my thanks (AGAIN) to Joseph and the team at The Bear in Camberwell for giving us an amazing platform to get off the ground, and then to the guys at All Inn One, their advice and guidance over the past few weeks has been incredible and we've loved being in Forest Hill - it's not over yet of course, we're still at All Inn One until the end of December. 

THANK YOU to all the people that have come to dine with us without you, we'd be just an idea waiting to come to fruition (or a failed business serving shit food).

We can't wait to unveil our plans for 2018 - starting with a residency at The Dukes Head, Highgate on 4th January, 2018.