Slap in the face (Part 2)

They say bad news comes in threes right? Well, stop the bloody press, PLEASE STOP THE GOD DAMN PRESS. I'm not ready for whatever number 3 is.  The amount of stress caused by Slap in the Face (part 1) and then 2 is something I have never experienced before. Who said business was easy? ABSOLUTELY NO ONE, that's who.

The 45 Camberwell Church Street lease has been sold, and we're no longer popping up there. Dagger in the heart, slap in the face, SIZE TWELVE BOOT TO THE BALLS.

We found out via e-mail almost 2 weeks ago now, about 24 hours after we found out about the Beerstro trademark fiasco/ mistake/ oversight. I've never felt anger, despair or utter betrayal like I felt when I scrolled down to see that "bit of bad news".

We were offered a three month stint instead of our agreed six month stint, we considered it and decided against it. Which brings us to where we are now. After 12 days to reflect, consider our next move, extend our notice periods with our employers and several pints of delicious beer we're in a positive frame of mind, with a stronger desire to take Malt + Pepper to London.

We'll be hosting a series of supper clubs and pop ups over the summer some of which will be announced later in the week.

We've got a vision, and we want you all to see it.