A familiar permanent home.

UPDATE: We are now LIVE on Crowdfunder: www.crowdfunder.co.uk/MaltPepperLDN

At 7pm, on Thursday, 1st March 2018, we’re launching a crowdfunding campaign on Crowdfunder, and I’m here to tell you why.

You may recall, a couple of weeks back, we hosted a bloody awesome, week-long, pop-up in a couple of arches next door to Cambridge Heath Station in collaboration with Redchurch Brewery. It was a massive success, the feedback was incredible, the vibes were fantastic and it left us wanting more.

Off the back of that week of madness we made an offer to take on the space a bit more permanently, and it was an offer that was accepted. T H A T ‘ S R I G H T… Malt + Pepper are heading to London on a more permanent basis. We’ve initially signed to move into the space for a year as that’s the length of time before the Network Rail chat is needed, but we’re hoping to stay far beyond that period of time.

We’ve been lucky enough to increase the size of our team over the course of the past few months with some supremely talented, ambitious and bloody nice people and therefore it feels like the right people, the right space and the right time. The perfect storm if you will.


Craft beer in an arch… GROUNDBREAKING. What makes you different?

It’s going to be so much more than beer in an arch. The space is divided awesomely. The front will house a coffee shop, bottle shop and a U.K. first SPENT GRAIN BAKERY. The left arch will be M+P dining HQ with an ever-changing experimental menu cooked with beer, yeast, hops and grain. We’ll use the left arch as our bar, it’ll have a rotational selection of the UK’s finest craft beer on keg, a natural wine selection, a bunch of small batch spirits and soft drinks from the UK’s excellent small producers.

The Space.png

Right, so why do you want my cash?

WELL… the arch isn’t exactly how we’d like it, it’s an awesome space but with a few tweaks it’ll be PERFECT. We’ll be sticking in a cold room, a proper bakery set up, some super comfy seating as well as making the awesome outside space even more AWESOME.

Of course, we could just make the changes gradually after we’ve moved in, and that’s exactly what we’ll do if our campaign doesn’t go to plan. But we want the space to be ready to give you everything we’re dreaming of and more from day dot.

Convince me… like I work really hard, live in a house with 5 people I hate and you want me to just hand over my cash? What’s in it for me?

We’re putting the finishing touches to our rewards programme, but we’re going to make it worth your while from a coffee when we open, to a coffee every day of the year, a pint on launch night to a beer with your face on it served constantly, through to vouchers, a launch night bonanza and a bunch of really cool merch. Not only that, but you’ll help us fulfil our dreams and you’ll be high-fived on a regular basis for evermore. Something you’d like to see in our rewards? Drop us a line with your ideas using the form below.

I’m convinced. Now what?

Just pop your e-mail address in this box and when the moment comes, exactly one week from the moment this post hit our website, we’ll let you know, straight into the inbox.

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