Good News... a bunch of really good news...

K, so let's start by saying 31 days of posts for Tryanuary was ambitious, we're in situ at The Dukes Head in Highgate and it's been a good level of busy, which means we've been cooking instead of writing. Which is what we're here to do, so that's fabulous news! We've still got 2 mega blog posts for Tryanuary planned into the diary, so fear not.

As well as cooking though we've been planning 2018 down to a tee, we've got a trio of exciting things to announce!

First up, on Thursday, 25th January, we're hosting a Burn's Night Extravaganza with a totally new, and somewhat ambitious menu, for one night only, we're cooking with just Scottish brews. We've teamed up with the guys at The Dukes Head and are going to be bringing you dishes using the brews of Fyne, Pilot & Fierce. Menu is available by clicking here. No need to book, no need for tickets, just a load of delicious food paired with the same beers we're cooking with.

Yesterday we announced that we're hosting our biggest, and most challenging event to date!

We're heading East, to Eastbound, on Cambridge Heath Road, where we'll have an Arch, to ourselves, for an entire week! From Monday, 5th February through to Sunday, 11th February we're going to be cooking and pairing exclusively with Redchurch Brewery's beers, it made sense seeing as they are just around the corner. All the details on THAT can be found here


Next up, we're heading to Craft Beer Rising for one of the beeriest weekends of the year at The Old Truman brewery! They'll be food aplenty over the SIX sessions this year so, please, form an orderly queue and try our 'beerified' menu! You can get tickets for CBR over at


Last, but by no means least, we've secured a residency in Battersea, at The Candlemaker, that will be our home from February through to the end of May. It's a great opportunity for us to take stock where we're at and OFFER A BEER MARINATED SUNDAY ROAST, there's more on this one coming soon, so stay tuned.