What the bloody hell is a Spent Grain Bakery?

As our opening day for our permanent home in Bethnal Green/ Cambridge Heath fast approaches, we thought we’d take the time to tell you more about our plans for the space. I mean, you’re the ones who are going to use it… hopefully.

So, as we’ve said in our previous blog about the space (read that here) the space is PERFECTLY divided to allow us to do many wonderful, wonderful things. One of the most exciting is opening the UK’s FIRST Spent Grain & Beer Bakery.

We’ll start with telling you a wee bit about spent grain. Spent grain is a byproduct of beer. Beer is made using yeast, hops, water AND grain. At the beginning of the brewing process the grains are mixed with warm water, to extract all the sugars. Once the grain has been removed, this leaves a wort, which is fermented, hopped, double dry hopped etc to make the delicious beer we all love to enjoy. So what happens with the left over grain? Well, ORDINARILY, it goes to farmers who feed it to their animals, but to us, it’s the beginning of something beautiful. It’s high in fibre AND protein, but low in carbohydrates (all that sugar has entered the wort, REMEMBER?)


With the brewing industry in London (and the UK) continuing to grow there is a massive about of spent grain up for grabs, and as it’s normally 85% of a breweries waste product it can cause brewers a logistical and spatial nightmare. Since we started out we’ve taken grain from Mondo Brewing Co, Redchurch Brewery and Anspach & Hobday, and turned it into burger buns, doughnuts, brownies, crumble toppings and cakes.

Essentially a Spent Grain Bakery is taking a waste product and turning it into some delicious, tasty and MAYBE a wee bit healthy, but probably not. We’re excited to open this part of our venture, and share this wonderfully, tasty recycling with you.  

Expect to see cakes, breads and delicious savory treats on the regular (EVERY DAY) as we experiment, create and go BIG on helping out our brewery pals shift that pesky spent grain.

Want to bake with us? We've just added a new pledge reward on our Crowdfunder, allowing you and a friend to learn about spent grain, and then spend an afternoon with us baking up delicious, delicious treats.