Malt + Pepper was born out of a love for independently produced, tasty beer and a love of weird, whacky and wonderful cuisines. We set out to cook extraordinarily tasty food using the abundance of beer available from a thriving UK beer scene. We were inspired by trips to Belgium and the US, by the likes of The Beeroness and Mark Dredge, and by some mad experimentation in our own kitchens.

John & Dan met whilst working at a pretty decent boozer in Brixton. It's where John fell in love with the beer scene, and had the opportunity to build wonderful (verging on beautiful) relationships with many of the UK's very best breweries. He had been working on the Malt + Pepper concept for a little while having been inspired by things happening abroad, and disillusioned with the UK's contribution to cooking with food being "beer battered fish" or "steak and ale pie". He knew more could be done with beer, and started experimenting at home.

Dan trained to be a chef with Fullers, and moved around several really well thought of food led pubs after his time with the big guys! He ended up front of house in a few of London most well respected beer led watering holes that led to his and John's paths crossing.

The story goes that Dan is the reason that Malt + Pepper come to fruition. After a few bevvies one fateful "Sour Sunday" (the name given to D&J's sour beer drinking sessions after a mad busy Sunday lunch shift) the guys got discussing John's big plans for M+P and Dan said (something like): "Flip it, do it! That's a great idea and I wanna be onboard" and so it began.

Beer and food are experiences most enjoyed when shared. Whilst we're on our tour of the capital, cooking in pubs, hosting supper clubs and popping up at the many glorious tap rooms that London has to offer, we also wanted to be able to share some recipes with you. We love what we do, and if we can encourage you to try out some of our recipes at home then that's just bloody awesome. We'll be listing recipes, ingredients, beers we love and places we've been.

Where are you cooking?

We're currently popped up at The Candlemaker in Battersea. 

Book a table by giving us a buzz on 020 7223 6532